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12V to 220V 20mA DC and AC flush panel mount LED Indicator light White color


  1. Operating voltage : 12V to 220V (DC/AC)
  2. Operating current : 20mA
  3. Viewing angle : 30° to 110°
  4. Emerging color : WHITE
  5. Life expectancy : 1,00,000 hours
  6. Precise and smart design

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12V to 220V 20mA DC and AC flush panel mount LED Indicator light White color

This panel-mount LED indicator light is designed to be used as an easy way to indicate the state of power. The LED indicator light is made from a white housing, and the illumination of the LED light is a nice, warm white. This DC/AC LED indicator light has a compact size, making it easy to mount. This LED indicator light comes in white and is made to work with 12V to 220V power. This DC and AC LED indicator light can be used for electrical systems. The Flush Panel Mount LED Indicator Light has a plastic body and can be installed on an interior or exterior surface. This product can be used in a variety of settings and will not cause interference with the system. The LED indicator light is also rated at 20 mA. This LED light can be used as an indicator light or a nightlight.


  1. Shining Bright WHITE color
  2. High brightness for easy recognition
  3. Environment-friendly and energy-efficient
  4. Precise and smart design

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very good product

Abhishek - Jun 10, 2023
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