3 line Electrical cable quick splice push lock wire connectors pack of 500pcs


  1. Body material  :  Nylon 66
  2. Number of holes  :  3
  3. Type of connector  :  H type
  4. Rated voltage  :  240V
  5. Current rating  :  10A
  6. Package contains  :  500 wire connectors

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3 line Electrical cable quick splice push lock wire connector pack of 500pcs

These are mini wire connectors. They are lightweight and highly insulated for short circuit protection. They are built from Nylon 66 material. These connectors have 3 cable entries for connecting wire and cables easily. These connectors have a simple push switch that holds the wire tightly by pulling a metal plate attached at the end. These types of connectors are very useful in hot-swapping types of applications. In other words, They are used where the connection may be expected to be removed for servicing or any other purposes.

Package includes

This is the pack of 500 pieces of 3 line Electrical cable quick splice push-lock wire connector


  1. They are very lightweight and tough
  2. They are easy to install
  3. A high-quality phosphor bronze plate holds the wire tightly.
  4. Highly insulated for short circuit protection
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very good product

Abhishek - Aug 13, 2022

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