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4V to 6V 6Watt Round glow 10 LED Cool white light bulb


  1. Operating voltage range : 4V to 6V
  2. Emerging color : Cool White
  3. Power rating : 0.5Watt
  4. Max. Drive current range : 60mA to 150mA
  5. LED junction temperature : 105°C

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4V to 6V 6Watt Round glow 10 LED Cool white light bulb

Our high-power LEDs are energy efficient and provide a superior lighting experience. This LED works on low power up to 0.5W. This type of LED provides long life and solid-state reliability. These LEDs plates can work with low current and voltage. You can easily light them with a normal household DC battery. The emerging color of these LEDs is Cool White. This plate contains 10 LEDs.


  1. Lower operating and maintenance cost
  2. Uniform consistent Cool White light
  3. Reliable and constant LED
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Flexible design

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very good product

Abhishek - Jun 10, 2023
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