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ESP8266 5V 1 Channel relay module IOT smart home remote control switch


  1. Transmission Distance (m) : 40m
  2. Trigger voltage: 5V DC
  3. Switching voltage: 250V @ 10A
  4. Switching voltage: 30V @ 10A
  5. Relay voltage : 5V (10A/250V AC, 10A/30V DC)
  6. Baud rate: 9600

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ESP8266 5V 1 Channel relay module IOT smart home remote control switch

This WiFi relay module carries an ESP8266 WiFi module and microcontroller. It will send the serial port instructions to the cell phone app and Implementation within the local area network (LAN) for wireless control relay. This module is ideally suited to controlling larger voltages in your project through WIFI. This is a 1 channel relay module that can be used to activate up to 250V AC and 30V DC. This allows you to build in device control, operating remote lights, or triggering systems when the module is supplied with a signal from an ESP8266 module (included).


  1. Onboard Module: ESP8266 wifi module; in AP mode it can connect with 5 Clients at the same time
  2. Operating Way: cellphone carried on wifi module; cellphone and wifi module carried on the same router, and use the APP to control relay
  3. Diode effusion protection
  4. Short response time

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very good product

Abhishek - May 29, 2023
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