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Inverter circuit boards are power electronic devices which converter Direct current (DC) to Alternative current (AC). These board’s converts DC current to AC current. These boards works on the frequency of 50Mhz to 60Mhz. But You will need to connect a transformer with it, to get the proper power supply output. They have inbuilt over voltage, over current, and short circuit protection. These boards are perfectly design to provide high output performance. These type of boards are use in solar system, to charge the battery of the vehicles, to drive low power AC motors, etc. In addition, they have a buzzer beeper for alarming purposes.

  1. Simple and easy to use design
  2. Low cost inverter circuit boards
  3. Inbuilt over voltage, over current, and short circuit protection
  4. Space saving and produce very low noise
  5. Fast transient response

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