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TDA2030 3 TR 2.1 Home theater 60 watt audio amplifier circuit board


  1. 100% Brand new and premium quality
  2. 2.1 channel - 60 Watt Home theater audio board
  3. Pleasant sound and bass boosted
  4. Bigger heatsink for longer playback
  5. Power up to 3 amp support

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TDA2030 3 TR 2.1 Home theater 60 watt audio amplifier circuit board

This is an average size audio amplifier board with bass boost capability. It is the branded and the best board in this price range. It is mostly used in 2.1 home theater sound systems. You can also use it in your DIY projects. It works on a 3 amp power system. This board comes with 3 inbuilt transistors (D2030A). It has an aluminum heatsink on its back for longer duration work.


  1. Works with 3 amp power system
  2. Mostly used with 2.1 home theater sound system
  3. Public address system
  4. Provides high standard sound quality.

A basic power amplifier that is designed to take input as the low strength audio signal and generate the output signal that consists of the high strength value. This process of amplification is utilized in the various domains where an electrical signal is converted to an acoustic signal.

The Electronic Spices TDA2030 3 TR 2.1 Home theater 60-watt audio amplifier circuit board is best compatible for 2.1 Home Theater system. The audio amplifier circuit board works on a in built 3-amp power system and comes with 3 inbuilt transistors (D2030A) for high quality bass boost sound experience. It comes with and aluminum heatsink cooling system for the long hour uses.


  1. Powerful 3-amp power system.
  2. Compatible for all 2.1 Home theater System
  3. Advance Public address system.

Uses of Audio Amplifier Board:-

  1. These amplifiers are most widely used in the various sound systems.
  2. These amplifiers are installed in various instruments that relate to music.
  3. In the broadcasting of radio signals these amplifiers are used.
  4. The signal transmission for long-distance communication.
  5. The Audio amplification is required for the wireless transmission of the signals

Our Audio Amplifier board is made for all your requirement for a high-quality music. Its ready to use and installation is very simple and easy with no soldering requires. The TDA2030 3 TR 2.1 Home theater 60-watt audio amplifier circuit board delivers high quality sound without drawing a lot power. Its effective heat sink system controls system to overheating in the long hours.

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very good product

Abhishek - Oct 03, 2023
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