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PIR Motion Detector Sensor Module


  1. Infrared Sensor with Control Circuit Board
  2. The Sensitivity and Holding Time Can be Adjusted
  3. Working Voltage Range: DC 4.5V- 20V
  4. Current Drain: <60uA
  5. Detection Range: <140°
  6. Voltage Output: High/Low level Signal: 3.3V TTL output
  7. Detection Distance: 3 to 7m (can be adjusted)
  8. Delay Time: 5 to 200s (Can be Adjusted, Default 5s +/- 3%)
  9. Blockade time: 2.5s (Default)
  10. Work temperature: -20-+80°C

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PIR Motion Detector Sensor Module

PIR stands for Pyroelectric Infrared Radial Sensor or Passive Infrared Sensor. PIR is an electronic sensor that detects the changes in the infrared light across certain distances and gives out an electrical signal at its output in response to a detected IR signal. It can detect any infrared emitting object such as human beings or animals if it is the range of the sensor, or moves away from the range, or moves within the range of the sensor. PIR Motion Detector Sensor Module. The Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) sensor module is used for motion detection. It is often referred to using "PIR", "Pyroelectric", "Passive Infrared" and "IR Motion" sensors. The module has an onboard pyroelectric sensor, conditioning circuitry, and a dome-shaped Fresnel lens. It is used to sense the movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are commonly used in burglar alarms and automatically-activated lighting systems.


  1. Security systems.
  2. Automatic lights.
  3. Industrial Automaton Control.
  4. Automatic doors.


  1. Sensitive Setting: Turn to Right, Distance Increases (About 7M); Turn to Left, Distance Reduce (About 3M)
  2. Time Setting: Turn to Right, Time Increases (About 200S); Turn to Left, Time Reduce (About 5S)

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Abhishek - Mar 24, 2023
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