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A cable gland is the 'mechanical cable entry device' attached to the end of electrical cables and secures them to any piece of equipment. They are also commonly known as cable connectors, cable fittings, cord grips, or cable strain reliefs.

Cable glands are vital for terminating cables in harsh or hazardous areas where sealing and ingress protection is required. These are very important for electrical equipment and switch gears as they offer strain relief and can also be connected to the aluminum sheath or armor of the cable.

How it Works

They mainly work as a sealing device that protects the enclosures on electrical equipment. Additionally, they act as a seal to the ingestion point and stop impurities from outside to cause any damage to the electrical system and the cable. Environmental contaminations like dirt, fluid, or water cause damage to the cable joints and may also cause them to disjoin from the electrical parts. Therefore, cable glands stop cables from being pulled and twisted out of the machine.