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Audio amplifier is the elementary circuit configuration that is required to strengthen, the audio signal received through a device like a microphone or the audio signal that is to be transmitted out through a speaker, Radio equipment, Wireless transmitter etc.

Uses of Amplifier:

Here are many usages of audio amplifiers.
  • In the Sound Systems
  • In numerous instruments that relate to music, These Amplifiers are Installed.
  • In the radio signals broadcasting these amplifiers are used.
  • The signal transmission for long-distance communication is the most amplifiers that are utilized.
  • For the wireless transmission of the signals, audio amplification is mandatory.

Types of Amplifiers:

  • Current Amplifier
  • Voltage Amplifier
  • Transconductance Amplifier
  • Trans resistance Amplifier

Audio Amplifier Board

An amplifier circuit board is the core of an amplifier. It contains the components that accept a signal and increase its strength by passing the signal through a transistor, integrated circuit (IC) chip, or tube that blends it with additional current from a power supply.

Audio Amplifier is a component of a system that enable to increase or intensification the input sound levels. Apart from hardware, you can also find audio amplifier through which you can amplify audio signals.

Cross Over

The Audio crossover is a component adjusted within just about every Audio equipment. The only exclusions are full-range speakers and speakers that use software to separate frequencies.

Crossovers are also sometimes also found within amplifiers or receivers, particularly home cinema receivers where the subwoofer for bass playback is separate from the satellites. Aside from these specialized technologies, it’s generally true that every loudspeaker with more than one driver in its enclosure requires a crossover.

Inverter Circuit Board

The inverter device's role is to control the voltage and frequency of the power supply and seamlessly change the rotation speed of motors used in home appliances and industrial technologies.

The inverter circuit board controls the operation of the entire system through the control circuit. The inverter circuit performs the function of converting DC to AC, and the filter circuit is used to filter out unwanted signals.

How Inverter Circuit Board Works

The work of the inverter circuit board can also be refined as follows: first, the oscillating circuit converts DC to AC; second, the coil boost converts irregular AC into square-wave AC; finally, rectification turns AC into sinusoidal AC through square waves.

An inverter circuit turns direct current into alternating current, called an inverter. Inverter circuits are widely used in industry because of the function to form various AC power sources.