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The polyester capacitor is designed with two metal plates. A polyester film is arranged between those metal films. If not, a metallized film can be placed over the insulator. The polyester capacitor capacitance ranges from 1nF -15µF and works from 50 to 1500V. The tolerance ranges of the polyester capacitors are 5%, 10% & 20% and the polyester capacitor temperature coefficient is high. The isolation resistance of these capacitors is high, so these are the best choices for storage or coupling applications. These capacitors are extremely heat resistant so they can work close to 150 °C temperatures.

Types of Polyester Capacitors:

  • Gas capacitors contain vacuum, air, gas-filled
  • Inorganic polyester Capacitors contains mica, glass glaze, ceramic
  • Organic type contains paper dielectric & organic film
  • Electrolytic dielectric type contains niobium electrolytic, aluminum electrolytic & tantalum electrolytic
  • Liquid dielectric type contains liquid & various organic oily
  • Composite dielectric type includes the capacitors which are made with an organic, inorganic solid compound, organic solid & inorganic solid compound.