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Development Boards are printed circuit boards with a microcontroller or microprocessor mounted on them with some other hardware components. Development boards are intended for System Designers to become familiar with programming a processor onboard and also to develop and test projects successfully and efficiently.

How it works:

Development boards are generally made-to-order by embedded system developers according to development needs. Developers can also research and design a development board by itself. The development board is for learners to learn the hardware and software of the system.

A basic integrated development environment, as well as software source code and hardware diagrams, are available on some development boards.

Types of Development Board:
  • Color TV Kit.
  • Audio Boards.
  • DC Drive Control Card.
  • Aluminum Heat Sink.
  • Microcontroller Boards.
  • Electronic Circuits.
  • Touch Panels.
  • Embedded Development Boards.