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An Electronic components covers all the electronic devices categories like Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Semiconductor ICs, Relays, inductors, Potentiometer, Sensors, Buzzers, Speakers, Diodes etc. All the electronic module circuits are made up of one or more components.

In our day- to- day life, we witness these components playing a major part around us. You are always surrounded by such electronic devices, and these devices are made up of different kind of components.

An electronic component is any introductory separate device in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields. They're the rudiments of circuit which helps in its functioning. It has a number of electrical circuits. These circuits are connected to other electrical circuits to produce an electronic circuit.

They are veritably important to support your circuit and avoid short – circuits and give safeguard from any accidents and blasts. As you know all circuits have their own conditions so components must have wisely chosen.


Resistors are electronic components which have a specific, never-changing electrical resistance. It limits the flow of electrons through a circuit.

Resistors comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be through-hole or surface-mount or it can be a standard, static resistor, a pack of resistors, a special variable resistor.



Semiconductor ICs

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