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A printed circuit board (PCB) is an electronic assemblage that uses copper conductors to produce electrical connections between components. Printed circuit boards provide mechanical support for electronic components so that a device can be mounted in an enclosure. A printed circuit board design must include a specific set of steps that aligns with the manufacturing process, integrated circuit packaging, and the structure of the bare circuit board. In common language we can Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the which type of boards that are used as the base in maximum electronics equipment’. It is used in the both as a physical support piece and as the wiring area for the surface-mounted and socketed components. PCBs are made out of fiberglass, composite epoxy, or another composite material.

Uses of PCB

Most of the used for PCBs for simple electronics are simple and composed of only a single layer. More sophisticated hardware such as computer graphics cards or motherboards can have multiple layers, sometimes up to twelve. Mostly PCB, used in the Amplifier Circuit boards, Used in School projects for Students, Individual circuit creators.

Type of PCBs

  • Single layer PCB
  • Double layer PCB
  • Multi-Layer PCB
  • Rigid PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Rigid Flex PCB