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16 x 2 Blue/White color LCD display module (JHD162A)


  1. Color of display : Blue
  2. Color of character : White
  3. Size : 16 x 2 (16 character x 2 rows)
  4. Input voltage : +5V
  5. Supply current : 1.5mA
  6. Board dimensions  :  80mm x 36mm (LxB)
  7. Display dimensions   :   65mm x 14mm (LxB)

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16 x 2 Blue/White color LCD display module (JHD162A)

The JHD162A 16x2 Blue/White Color LCD Display Module is a versatile and popular display solution. It features a clear blue and white color scheme, providing high contrast for easy readability. With a standard 16x2 character layout, it's commonly used in various electronic projects and devices. This module is compatible with microcontrollers, offering a straightforward interface for displaying text and simple graphics, making it a suitable choice for applications where concise visual information is essential.

  1. Clear 16x2 character display.
  2. Blue and white color for high contrast.
  3. Compatible with microcontrollers.
  4. Ideal for displaying text and basic graphics in electronic projects.
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very good product

Abhishek - Nov 30, 2023
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