Combo of 8 inch Combination plier with 9 in one Screwdriver set, Wire cutter and 13 inch curved claw hammer

Specification of plier
  1. The total length of the plier : 8 inches (200mm)
  2. High-quality stainless steel manufacturing
  3. Nickel plating provides corrosion resistance
  4. Highly insulated handles
Specification of screwdriver
  1. Shaft length : 155mm
  2. Flat heat tip width : 5mm
  3. Philip head tip type : PH2
  4. 9 in 1 flat and Philips
Specification of wire cutter
  1. High-quality wire cutter and stripper
  2. The total length of the tool : 5 inches (130mm)
  3. Rubber insulated handles for enhancing comfort and grip
Specification of hammer
  1. Length of the hammer : 13 inch
  2. Adopts high-quality high carbon steel
  3. Anit corrosion property

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Combo of 8 inch Combination plier with 9 in one Screwdriver set, Wirecutter, and 13 inch curved claw hammer

8 inch Combination plier Pliers are used in almost every small or big electronic or hardware work. Whether you are using it for cutting, holding, trimming, or twisting. That's why a good quality plier is very essential. This is an 8 inch (200mm) combination, plier. It is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel with nickel plating. The nickel plating protects it from corrosion and offers long life. These pliers also feature hard plastic handles for enhanced comfort and grip. The handles are highly insulated from hard plastic material. So, it will protect you from getting shocked, if you are dealing with electricity. This plier is specially designed with jaws, pipe grips, and cutters. Screwdriver set This is a set of 9 in one screwdrivers. It is used for screwing and unscrewing multi-type of screws. The shaft is manufactured with chrome vanadium molybdenum steel with a matt chrome finish. The finishing provides long life and corrosion resistance properties. This screwdriver also features an ergonomic hard grip handle for enhanced comfort and grip. The special design heads allow the screwdriver to be securely inserted into the screw head, whilst providing excellent grip and torque. Wire cutter This is a multi-purpose wire stripper and cutter tool. This cutter cuts the wire with different gauges and sizes. The jaws of the cutter are very sharp and cut the wire very easily. The total length of the cutter is 5 inches (130mm). It is manufactured from high-carbon stainless steel. The handles are covered with rubber insulation. This cutter is specially designed to offer enhanced comfort and grip. 13 inch curved claw hammer This is a Tubular steel curved claw hammer. A claw hammer is a hammer primarily used in carpentry for driving nails into or pulling them from wood. This claw hammer is compatible with home repairing, car, carpenter, and so on. This hammer has nickel plating on it that helps to resist corrosion. The claw hammer adopts high-quality high carbon steel, which is wear-resistant, anti-rust, and durable. The claw hammer is designed with a humanized handle, which is covered with hard rubber material. The claw hammer handle owns good shock-proof ability, comfortable holding feeling, and wonderful anti-slipping effect, easy to use in every condition.
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very good product

Abhishek - Aug 13, 2022

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