TSOP38238 Infrared receivers 3 pins pack of 50pcs

  1. Operating Voltage  :  2.5V to 5.5V
  2. Operating Current  :  350μA
  3. Output Current  :  5mA
  4. Carrier Frequency  :  40 kHz
  5. Transmission Distance  :  40 m
  6. Pack of 100 pieces

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TSOP38238 Infrared receivers 3 pins pack of 50pcs

The TSOP38238 is an IR Receiver module for infrared remote control systems. The operating voltage range for the TSOP38238 IR Receiver diode is from 2.5V to 5.5V. This is a miniature size IR Receiver diode. It is widely use by engineers and hobbyist due to its low power consumption. This receiver is compatible with all common IR remote control data format. So it can be use with common IR remotes.

Package include

This is the pack of 50 pieces of TSOP38238 Infrared receiver 3 pin

  1. Light detecting portion of remote control
  2. AV instruments such as Audio, TV, etc.
  3. Home appliances such as Air-conditioner, Fan, etc.
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