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Electronic Spices 50Pcs 8.2k Ohm (Ω) 1/4 (0.25 watt) ±5% Tolerance 8.2k MR Ω ohm MF Through Hole Resistors Axial Lead

  • Resistance: 8.2K ohm (Ω)
  • Resistor type : carbon film resistor
  • Tolerance: 5%
  • Power rating: 1/4Watt
  • Maximum working voltage: 250V

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SKU: 6219BG

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8.2K ohm ( Ω ) 1/4 watt carbon film resistor pack of 50pcs

Fixed value resistors are carbon film resistors. They are made of a ceramic carrier surrounded by a thin, pure carbon film. Carbon film resistors are created by applying a carbon film or carbon layer to a ceramic substrate. The carbon film acts as a conductor for the electric current. As a result, the carbon film blocks some electric current. The ceramic substrate acts as an insulator against heat or electricity. As a result, heat cannot pass through the ceramic substrate. This carbon film serves as a resistive material. The long-term stability of carbon film resistors is excellent. The resistance value is unaffected by changes in voltage. It also has a negative temperature coefficient, which means that the higher the temperature, the lower the resistance. The carbon composition resistor is still widely used today. Circuit protection (surge or discharge protection), current limiting, high voltage power supplies, high power or strobe lighting, and welding are some of the applications..

Package includes:
  • This is the pack of 50 pieces of 8.2k ohm ( Ω ) 1/4 watt carbon film resistor.
  • High-reliability 8.2k (Ω) ohm resistor
  • ±5% Tolerance Carbon film type
  • Excellent heat withstand
  • Long life
  • Used in chargers
  • Small DIY projects
  • In need of power distribution.
  • Used in the fan speed regulator or controller

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very good product

Abhishek - May 25, 2024
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