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9025 3.5 inch (90x90x25mm) Brushless 24V DC exhaust cooling fan single piece


  1. Model name  :  9025
  2. Working voltage  :  24V DC
  3. Power rating  :  0.18A
  4. Light weight
  5. Durable
  6. Hard resin and plastic body
  7. Dimensions of the fan  :  90mm x 90mm x 25mm
  8. Comes with two red and black wires with a JST connector of 24cm attach
  9. Package contain :  single piece
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9025 3.5 inch (90x90x25mm) Brushless 24V DC exhaust cooling fan single piece

A strong and portable cooling choice is the 9025 3.5-inch (90x90x25mm) Brushless 24V DC exhaust cooling fan, which is suitable for a range of applications. When used with a 24V DC power source, it efficiently dissipates heat, protecting electrical gadgets and equipment from overheating. Its compact dimensions of 90x90x25mm allow for easy installation even in tight spaces. Because of its brushless design, it lasts a long time and requires little upkeep. This fan is an excellent option for computer cooling, power supply, or industrial equipment since it reliably regulates temperature and provides ventilation.

Package includes

This item is a single unit of the 9025 brushless 24V DC exhaust cooling fan, measuring 3.5 inches (90x90x25mm).


  • Very light in weight
  • Regular size
  • 24V DC is enough
  • It can withstand high room temperature.
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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 22, 2024
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