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1000 Pcs 560K Ohm (Ω) 1 Watt ±5% Tolerance 560K MR Ω ohm MF Through Hole Resistors Axial Lead

  • Resistance : 560K ohm
  • Tolerance : 5%
  • Resistor type : carbon film
  • Power rating : 1W
  • Max. operating voltage : 180V to 240V

Available in Pack Of:

SKU: 13250BD

MRP Rs. 999.00
Rs. 899.00 (Incl. Tax)
Rs. 761.86 (+18% GST extra)
Rs.761.86 / 1000 pcs = Rs.0.76 per piece
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560K ohm ( Ω ) 1 watts carbon film resistors box of 1000pcs

These 560K Ω resistors are a great choice for a wide range of electronic applications. Their high resistance value, 1-watt power rating, and through-hole design make them well-suited for use in a variety of circuits, and their ±5% tolerance is more than sufficient for most general-purpose applications. The Metal film construction also makes them very reliable and stable over time and temperature changes. With a package of 1000 pieces, these resistors are also a cost-effective solution for any electronics project. This package of 1000 pieces of 560K Ohm (Ω) resistors is designed for use in a variety of electronic circuits. These resistors have a power rating of 1 watt and a tolerance of ±5%, which means that the actual resistance of the resistor may vary by as much as 5% from its stated value of 560K Ω. These resistors feature an axial lead design, which means that the leads are located on either end of the resistor body, and are intended for through-hole mounting.

Package includes:
  • It is a box of 1000 pieces of 560K ohm ( Ω ) 1 watt carbon film resistor. 
  • High reliability
  • 560K ohm resistor
  • ±5% Tolerance carbon film type
  • Heat withstand
  • Long life
  • Used in chargers
  • Small DIY projects
  • Used in the fan speed regulator
  • Lighting the bulb (in the switches or the controller of your led lighting)
  • Street lights.

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very good product

Abhishek - Jan 30, 2023
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