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A42 Bipolar NPN transistor packs of 100pcs


  1. Transistor type  :  Bipolar NPN Transistor
  2. DC Current gain  :  40
  3. Continuous collector current  :  500mA
  4. Base- Emitter voltage  :  6V
  5. Collector-Emitter voltage  :  300V

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A42 Bipolar NPN transistor pack of 100pcs

The A42 is a high voltage NPN transistor. This transistor is commonly used only for switching purposes. It has a low gain value of 30. The A42 can turn on or turn off high voltage loads up to 300V. They are commonly used for heavy loads or loads that have high peak voltage.

Package includes

This is a pack of 100 pieces of A42 Bipolar NPN transistor


  1. Switching high voltage loads
  2. Used to control loads with a high peak voltage
  3. Speed control of low current motors
  4. Drive high voltage stepper motors
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very good product

Abhishek - Feb 03, 2023
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