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NEMA17 5.5kg per cm High torque Hybrid stepper motor


  1. Motor type : Single shaft motor
  2. Step angle : 1.8°
  3. Number of steps per revolution : 200
  4. Operating voltage : 3.1V
  5. Operating current : 1.14A/phase
  6. Torque : 5.5kg per cm

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NEMA17 5.5kg per cm High torque Hybrid stepper motor

This is a hybrid stepper motor with a 1.8° step angle. This type of motor moves in precise repeatable steps. That's why they are called the motor of choice. These are commonly used in machines that require precise position control. You can command this motor's position to move or hold in one position with the help of a stepper motor driver. This powerful motor can provide 5.5kg per cm of torque at 1.14A current per phase. They are very useful in various applications, especially which demand low speed with high precision. For example - Printers, CNC machines, and Laser Cutters. It is a brushless DC motor, so the life of this motor is dependent upon the life of the bearings.


  1. Input pulse decides the rotation angle of the motor
  2. High accuracy
  3. Provides good starting, stopping, and reversing
  4. The speed is proportional to the frequency of the input pulses
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very good product

Abhishek - Jan 30, 2023
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