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128 x 64 Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD12864E)


  1. Color of display : Green
  2. Color of character : Yellow
  3. Size : 128 x 64 (128 character x 64 rows)
  4. Input voltage : +5V
  5. Supply current : 2mA
  6. Board dimensions  :  93mm x 70mm (LxB)
  7. Display dimensions   :   72mm x 40mm (LxB)

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128 x 64 Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD12864E)

The JHD12864E 128 x 64 Yellow/Green color LCD display module is a reliable and adaptable display option created to fulfill the various requirements of electronic and industrial applications. This module provides high-quality visuals with a 128 by 64-pixel resolution, guaranteeing that your data, information, and graphics are presented precisely and clearly. The module's standout feature is a graphic monochrome LCD with great contrast, which makes it perfect for displaying intricate drawings and comprehensive information. The yellow-green color combination enables optimum power use while simultaneously improving visibility. Because it is so highly legible in low light, this color combination is extremely helpful. The JHD12864E is designed to endure a variety of environmental factors and performs well throughout a wide temperature range, making it appropriate for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. It is a great option for industrial control panels, medical equipment, instrumentation, and a variety of other applications that call for a small-footprint display solution due to its durable design and dependable performance. The JHD12864E is meant to provide ease of usage by facilitating simple integration into your projects. Since it supports common communication protocols for data input, a variety of microcontrollers can use it. This module provides the versatility and functionality to satisfy your needs, whether you need to show alphanumeric characters, numerical data, or even develop a user interface. The JHD12864E can be securely incorporated into applications by engineers, enthusiasts, and product designers thanks to its dependability and versatility, which are shown in its dependable performance and adaptability. By using this display module, you can greatly improve the user experience inside your projects because of its capacity to clearly communicate information and visuals.

  1. High Resolution: The JHD12864E boasts a sharp 128 x 64-pixel resolution, ensuring crisp and detailed visuals.
  2. Yellow-Green Display: The yellow-green color scheme enhances visibility while remaining power-efficient.
  3. Versatile Use: Suitable for industrial control panels, medical equipment, and instrumentation, it meets diverse application needs.
  4. Wide Temperature Range: Operates reliably within a broad temperature range, making it adaptable to various environments.
  5. Robust Construction: Built to withstand demanding conditions, ensuring long-term durability.
  6. Easy Integration: Supports standard communication protocols for straightforward interfacing with microcontrollers.
  7. User-Friendly: Ideal for displaying alphanumeric characters, and numerical data, and creating user interfaces.
  8. Dependable Performance: Engineers, hobbyists, and designers can rely on its consistent and precise display capabilities.
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very good product

Abhishek - Nov 30, 2023
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