LiPo DRONE BATTERY – They are LiPo rechargeable battery. They are very powerful batteries. These batteries are capable of maximum continuous discharge. Basically, these batteries are known for their better performance, reliability and low prices. These battery ranges from 2,200mah to 10,000mAh power current capacity. These battery can be recharge again and again after use. The outside part of the battery is cover with plastic insulation. LiPo DRONE BATTERY are equip with heavy duty discharge leads to minimize resistance and sustain high current loads. They are build from high quality solid electrolyte which offers long service life. The female connector comes with gold plating for better experience.

  1. Rechargeable
  2. Minimum weight
  3. Excellent temperature control
  4. Long service life
  1. Avoid over charging or over discharging the batteries.
  2. Do n0t put it beside the high temperature condition.
  3. Don’t throw it into the fire or Water

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