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0-12 12V 2Amp single phase step down transformer


  1. Step down transformer
  2. Input voltage : 230V AC
  3. Output voltage: 0V or ground and 12V
  4. Output current : 2A
  5. Max. frequency range: 50Hz to 60Hz
  6. Type: Vertical mount type
  7. Long service life with excellent performance

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0-12 12V 2Amp single phase step down transformer

A transformer is a passive electrical tool that transfers electric energy from one electric circuit to any other or multiple circuits. This is a 0-12 12V 2A single section step-down transformer. It offers the output of 0V or ground and 12V. This transformer act as a step-down transformer decreasing 230V AC to 12V AC. This transformer has a electricity score of 2A. This sort of transformer is frequently used within the output level of an audio electricity amplifier in a push-pull circuit. The center of the transformer is winded with terrific aluminium twine. The outer frame is manufactured with notable steel. It offers long service lifestyles with brilliant performance.


  1. High-satisfactory aluminium cord winding
  2. It offers the output of 0V or ground and 12V
  3. Act as a step-down transformer reducing 230V AC to 12V AC
  4. Single-section step down transformer
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very good product

Abhishek - May 29, 2024
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