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100K Master triple gang potentiometer D-shape shaft 18 pins pack of 20pcs

  • Potentiometer: 100K
  • Use: Stereo Audio volume controller
  • Type: Master Triple Gang
  • Turn: 1 turn
  • Shaft : D shaft
  • Shaft length: 7mm

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SKU: 7368CG

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100K Master triple gang potentiometer D-shape shaft 18 pins pack of 20pcs

Three binary-gang potentiometers are joined on the same shaft to form triple-gang potentiometers. Single-turn pots with equal resistance and taper are strongly recommended for this combination. Although we can add more than two pots to the gangs, this is uncommon. However, this potentiometer can meet this requirement. used in stereo audio volume control and other operations that require three binary channels to be adjusted at the same time. This potentiometer detects a mechanism's rotational movement. This potentiometer has three gangs, which means it can control three different inputs. It has a D-shaped shaft, making it compatible with the majority of mechanisms. Because it is made of metal, this potentiometer is both durable and strong. It's a triple-gang, so it has three sets of wiper contacts, as shown in the image. The wiper contacts are typically located on the shaft of a potentiometer and have a moving contact that can be turned on or off.

Package includes:
  • This is the pack of 20 pieces of 100K Master triple gang potentiometer D-shape shaft 18 pin.
  • Used as a control input
  • Audio control
  • And Tuning

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very good product

Abhishek - Jun 20, 2024
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