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20 mm Reed switches magnetic sensors pack of 100pcs


  1. Hard glass protection
  2. Small, cheap, and easily available
  3. Current Rating:  0.1a
  4. Power/Voltage:  30v dc
  5. Switch Configuration:  SPST
  6. The package includes: 100 pieces

Available in Pack Of:

SKU: 8438CG

MRP Rs. 2298.85
Rs. 1999.00 (Incl. Tax)
Rs. 1694.07 (+18% GST extra)
Rs.1694.07 / 100 pcs = Rs.16.94 per piece
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20 mm Reed switch magnetic sensors pack of 100pcs

A reed switch is a sensor that closes the circuit in the presence of a magnetic field. Reed sensors can be used in many applications where contactless on/off is required. However, reed switches can be fragile to use directly.

Package includes:-

This is the pack of 100 pieces of 20 mm Reed switch magnetic sensor


  1. Used in Photo copy machines
  2. Various household machines such as Washing machines, Refrigerators, etc.
  3. Also use in magnetic doors

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very good product

Abhishek - Mar 27, 2023
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