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2N2222 General purpose NPN transistors box of 2000pcs

  • Transistor Type  :  Bipolar high current NPN Transistor
  • DC Current Gain  :  100
  • Continuous Collector current  :  800mA
  • Emitter Base Voltage  :  6V
  • Collector Emitter Voltage  :  30V
  • Base Current  :  5mA
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2N2222 General purpose NPN transistor box of 2000pcs

The 2N2222 is a common NPN bipolar junction transistor. It is used for general-purpose low-power amplifying and switching applications. This transistor is designed for low to medium current, low power,  medium voltage; and can operate at moderately high speed. The 2N2222 is considered a very common transistor and is used as an exemplar of an NPN transistor. It is frequently used as a small-signal transistor.
Package includes
This is a box of 2000 pieces of 2N2222 General purpose NPN transistor
  1. Darlington Pairs
  2. RF Circuits
  3. Sensor Circuits
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very good product

Abhishek - May 25, 2024
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