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2N3904 Bipolar General purpose NPN transistors box of 2000pcs

  1. Transistor type  : Bipolar NPN Transistor
  2. DC Current Gain  :  300
  3. Continuous Collector current  :  200mA
  4. Base- Emitter Voltage  :  6V
  5. Collector-Emitter Voltage  :  40V
  6. Collector-Base Voltage  :  60V
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Rs. 2244.92 / pack of 2000 = Rs. 1.12 per piece
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2N3904 Bipolar General purpose NPN transistor box of 2000pcs

This is a 2N3904 bipolar NPN transistor for general purpose applications. 2N3904 has a gain value of 300. The maximum amount of current that could flow through the Collector pin is 200mA.
Package includes
This is a box of 2000 pieces of 2N3904 Bipolar General purpose NPN transistor
  1. Modules like Relay Driver, LED driver, etc.
  2. Audio amplifiers,
  3. Signal Amplifier
  4. Can be used to control voltage loads
  5. Home appliances
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very good product

Abhishek - Sep 27, 2023
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