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3.9V 0.5watt 1N4730A Zener diodes ±5% voltage tolerance box of 5000pcs

  • Type : BZX55C3V9
  • Nominal Zener Voltage (VZ): 3.9V
  • Power dissipation (PZ): 1300mW (practically 500mW)
  • Zener regulator current (IZm): 234mA

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3.9V 0.5watt 1N4730A Zener diode ±5% voltage tolerance box of 5000pcs

A Zener diode is a semiconductor component that permits current to flow both forward and backward. Zener diodes are used in clipper circuits, surge suppressors, reference elements, voltage regulation, and switching applications.A Zener diode is a unique kind of diode made to consistently permit current to flow "backwards" when a specific reverse voltage, also known as the Zener voltage, is applied. The breakdown voltage of the diode is the same as the load voltage. The series resistor limits the current flowing through the diode when it is conducting by lowering the excess voltage. The clipping circuits restrict a portion of the AC waveform in order to protect or shape the waveform. To reduce interference, these circuits are typically found in TV and FM transmitters. High currents are protected from damaging this Zener diode. This resistor helps guard against excessive current damage to the diode.

Package includes:
  • This is the box of 5000 pieces of 3.9V 0.5watt 1N4730A Zener diode ±5% voltage tolerance.
  • Used in Voltage protection circuits
  • Used as a low current voltage regulator
  • Input voltage protection
  • Voltage stabilizing circuits

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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 23, 2024
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