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9 in 1 combo of 60 watt soldering iron starter kit for project work


  1. 100% best quality items
  2. 9 Items for soldering application
  3. 60-watt soldering iron with a soft grip pencil-like structure
  4. De-solder wire and Soldering iron wire
  5. Heavy metal solder stand
  6. High-quality Iron bit
  7. Electric current tester, high-quality tape, Cutter, and paste
  8. Excellent choice for soldering purposes

SKU: 8485HY

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9 in 1 combo of 60-watt soldering iron starter kit for project work

\ This is the best kit you can ever imagine. with 9 items in a single box. This is the best buddy to start your hobby as a soldering master. This kit contains the best quality products to give you excellent performance. This kit contains 60 watt soldering iron, De-solder wire, a metal body solder stand, soldering wire, Iron bit, Tape, Tester, cutter, and paste. The kit can help you with small house needs or any type of soldering application. This kit is not recommended for heavy industrial work. It is a starter pack for small projects and hobbies. The soldering iron is easy to handle and heat easily. The soldering iron is light and easy to use due to its soft holding grip.


  1. The kit contains-1 x 60W Soldering Iron, 1 x Soldering Stand, 1 x Wire Cutter, 1 x Soldering paste, 1 x de-solder wire, 1 x tester, 1 x iron bit, and High-Quality Solder wire and tape
  2. Use for general purposes in all electronic applications and household needs
  3. We do not recommend this kit for heavy industrial usage.
  4. It has some durable elements designed for long life.
  5. Heating will take 30-45 seconds and Slide on replaceable tips

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very good product

Abhishek - Mar 28, 2023
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