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9V battery clip connector with 3.5mm pin jack pack of 5pcs


  1. Working voltage : 9V
  2. Power rating : 1A
  3. Wire color : Red and Black
  4. Made from soft leather
  5. Environmental friendly
  6. Length of the wire : 6cm
  7. Pin size : 3.5mm

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9V battery clip connector with 3.5mm pin jack pack of 5pcs

This connector comes with high-quality contacting material. This simple cable connector has so many uses. Plug the battery clip onto a standard 9V battery and connect the other end to any device that needs 9V. The Connector leads are polarity color-coded, Red, and Black. The 9V battery snap connector with power jack provides the ability to conveniently use a 9V battery to power many common boards and modules such as the popular Arduino and compatible microcontrollers.

Package includes

This is the pack of 5 pieces of 9V battery clip connector with 3.5mm pin jack


  1. Made of soft leather
  2. It is an environmental friendly 9V battery buckle
  3. These connectors snap to use for the standard 9-volt battery
  4. The length of the line is about 6cm
  5. Insulates and shields 9 Volt battery Snap-On connector contacts
  6. Assures safe secure use, reduces the potential of short circuits, and prevents tampering with battery contacts
  7. For experiments or hobby applications.
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very good product

Abhishek - Feb 03, 2023
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