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BZV55-C6V8 (SMD) 6.8V 0.5 watt Zener diode pack of 50pcs


  • Non-repetitive peak reverse power dissipation: ≤ 40 W
  • Total power dissipation: ≤ 500 mW
  • Voltage tolerance : ±5 %
  • Working voltage : 6.8V
  • Low differential resistance
  • Small hermetically sealed glass SMD package

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BZV55-C6V8 (SMD) 6.8V 0.5 watt Zener diode pack of 50pcs

Small hermetically sealed glass SOD80C Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) packages containing low-power voltage regulator diodes. The diodes are offered within the tolerance range of normalized ±5% (BZV55-C).

Package included:-
This is the pack of 50 pieces of BZV55-C6V8 (SMD) 6.8V 0.5 watt Zener diode


  • Used in Voltage protection circuits
  • Used as low current voltage regulator
  • Input voltage protection for IC's
  • Voltage stabilizing circuits
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very good product

Abhishek - May 25, 2024
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