C1674 Epitaxial NPN silicon transistors box of 100pcs

  1. Transistor type  :  High voltage NPN transistor
  2. Maximum Collector Power Dissipation  :   0.25W
  3. Maximum Collector-Base Voltage  :  30V
  4. Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage  :  20V
  5. Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage  :  4V
  6. Maximum Collector Current   :  0.02A
  7. Transition Frequency  :  300 MHz
  8. Collector Capacitance  :  2 pF

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C1674 Epitaxial NPN silicon transistors box of 100pcs

This is a C1674 Epitaxial NPN transistor in which one p-type material is place between two n-type materials. This NPN transistor amplifies the weak signal enter into the base and produces strong amplify signals at the collector end. The direction of movement of an electron is from the emitter to collector region due to which the current form in the transistor.

Package include

This is a box of 2000 pieces of C1674 Epitaxial NPN silicon transistor

  1. Darlington pair
  2. Power switching
  3. Also, use to amplify weak signals
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