C2060 low power NPN transistors pack of 100psc

  1. Transistor type  :  NPN transistor
  2. Collector-base breakdown voltage  :  40V
  3. Collector-emitter breakdown voltage  :  32V
  4. Emitter-base breakdown voltage  :  5V
  5. DC current gain  :  400

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C2060 low power NPN transistors pack of 100psc

The c2060 is an NPN Transistor commonly use in low power amplifier circuits.  The Transistor can provide a maximum gain of 400. The transistor also has a high collector current of up to 40mA and a decent collector emitter voltage of 32V and the base trigger voltage is only 5V.

Package include

This is a pack of 100 pieces of C2060 NPN transistor

  1. Low power audio amplifier
  2. Small signal amplifier
  3. Audio frequency Drive

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