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Combo of 25 watt soldering iron with Hot glue gun and 5 glue gun sticks


  1. Soldering iron
    1. Operating voltage : 200V to 230V
    2. Power rating : 25W
    3. Cable length : 130cm or 1.30meter
    4. Cool handle grip
    5. Low leakage current
  2. Hot glue gun
    1. Operating voltage range : 100V to 240V AC
    2. Power rating : 40watt
    3. Length of the cable : 1.10 meters approximately
    4. Operating frequency : 50Hz to 60Hz
  3. Glue gun sticks
    1. Diameter : 11mm
    2. Length : 8 inch (204mm)
    3. Color : Transparent
    4. Compatible with the small hot glue gun

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Combo of 25 watt soldering iron with Hot glue gun and 5 glue gun sticks

Soldering iron - This is a high-quality soldering hand tool. It supplies heat to melt solder so that it can flow into the joint between two workpieces. This is an efficient and user-friendly soldering iron. This is the most resourceful soldering iron in the range of 25 watts. The overall rubber insulation provides short circuit protection. The heating of the rod does not affect the grip of the product. It is very safe to use and easy to handle a soldering iron. It is specially designed for human hand grip. So, it will not slip or shake when you use it. The length of the cable is 130cm or 1.30 meters. The color of the item is shiny yellow. Hot glue gun - This is a high-quality portable hot melt glue gun. It dispenses hot melted adhesives or glue sticks. The glue stick is inserted on the top side of the glue gun. The glue gun uses 40 watts of power to provide reliable and practical solutions to all your daily issues. The body of the gun is manufactured from hard plastic material. The trigger mechanism is also very soft. So, you don’t face any issues in using this device. The length of the cable is approximately 1.10 meters. The nozzle of the gun is made up of high carbon stainless steel. The gun works on 100V to 240V AC voltage range. The working frequency of the gun is 50Hz to 60Hz. This is a perfect solution for your daily needs and DIY craft applications. It is used to make DIY crafts, repair, woodworking, households, etc. Glue gun stick - This is a thermoplastic adhesive stick. It is commonly used with a hot glue gun for affixing and as an inexpensive alternative to resin casting. This type of glue is used to make a strong bond between components. These sticks are non-toxic, pollution-free, and are very easy to store. The hot glue sticks will work well for plastic, wood, paper, glass, fabric, etc. For its best effects, please make sure the adhesive surface is water-free, dust-free, and oil-free. If you are fond of DIY, then this glue stick may be a wonderful material for you.

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very good product

Abhishek - Mar 23, 2023
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