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MM1ZB68 500mW ,SOD-123 Packaging Diodes Pack of 5pcs


  • Power Dissipation : 500mW
  • Nominal Zener Voltage : 68V
  • Minimum Zener voltage : 66.64V
  • Maximum Zener voltage : 69.36V
  • Maximum Reverse Current : 0.2µa
  • Package : SOD-123

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MM1ZB68 500mW ,SOD-123 Packaging Diodes Pack of 5pcs

MM1ZB68 SOD-123  are high-efficiency power rectifiers Diode used in a variety of high-voltage and high-current circuits. A package diode is a special type of semiconductor device used in electrical circuits. Package diodes are designed to protect other devices, like microcontrollers, from the dangerous effects of high voltage and current. Diodes are used in a wide variety of applications and are the most popular semiconductor devices in use today. They are made of semi-conducting material that conduct electricity in one direction. Diodes are also used in integrated circuits and they allow current to flow in one direction while blocking current flow in the other direction. Packaging diodes are used to prevent reverse current flow through the diode, which can cause the diode to be damaged. They are typically made of a metal, such as gold, and a semiconductor material, such as silicon, that is then coated with the metal.


  • Extremely Low Thermal Resistance
  • General Purpose, Medium Current
  • Ideally Suited for Automated Assembly Processes
  • High Current Capability
  • Best Quality Product

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very good product

Abhishek - Feb 23, 2024
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