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PAG-5V USD,SD, Mp3 Audio Amplifier Module Board -V2.4


  1. MP3,WAV
  2. FM Radio, MP3/FM/TF/AUX
  3. Resume Function, remote control
  4. Pro Audio, Amplifier, Speaker, car audio  
  5. Working voltage 5V 
  6. JST wire

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PAG-5V USD,SD, Mp3 Audio Amplifier Module Board -V2.4

Product Description

A flexible and feature-rich audio amplifier module developed for a variety of applications is the PAG-5V USD, SD, Mp3 Audio Amplifier Module Board -V2.4. MP3 music files can be played back easily because it supports USB and SD card inputs. This module offers amplified and clear audio output, making it appropriate for portable speakers, DIY audio projects, and other audio-related applications. It now offers improved functionality and performance in version 2.4, ensuring dependable and excellent sound amplification for your projects and gadgets.


  1. FM Radio, MP3
  2. Excellent sound quality
  3. Best quality of product
  4. A JST wire and remote (Assorted) has also come with this module for easy handling

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very good product

Abhishek - Nov 30, 2023
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