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SC6080GH A50K 75mm Single channel linear slide potentiometers pack of 10pcs

  1. Potentiometer type : slide
  2. Maximum resistance : 50KΩ
  3. Total length of the pot : 75mm
  4. Travel length : 67mm
  5. Power rating : 0.25W
  6. Element material : carbon
  7. Actuator type : Lever
  8. Tolerance : 20%
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SC6080GH A50K 75mm Single channel linear slide potentiometer pack of 10pcs

This is a sliding potentiometer. It is commonly use as the volume control in audio power amplifier. When you move the slider from one side to the other, its output voltage will range from 0V to the voltage range you apply. This potentiometer have a long open slot to allow the wiper lug to move freely up and down. Also a slotted felt cover is attach to the lever to minimize the effects of resistive track contamination. This is a secure and reliable potentiometer which offers long service life. The body is build from high quality steel to protect this pot from wear and tear.
Package include
This is the pack of 10 pieces of SC6080GH A50K 75mm Single channel linear slide potentiometer
  1. It is durable, offer long life and has metal body.
  2. They are use to accurately measure voltage.
  3. Also, use in stereo audio volume control
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very good product

Abhishek - Oct 04, 2023
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