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10 uf 25V Polarized electrolytic capacitor pack of 10pcs


    1. Type:  electrolytic
    2. Polarity  :  negative and positive terminal
    3. Capacitance value  :  10uf
    4. Voltage value  :  25V
    5. Temp. range  :  40° C to 105° C
    6. Offer long life
    7. Package include  :  10 pieces

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    10 uf 25V Polarized electrolytic capacitor pack of 10pcs

    This electrolytic capacitor is polarized. These capacitors contain polarity, as the name would imply. They thus have a positive and a negative terminal. Whereas the shorter terminal is negative, the longer terminal is positive. Through the process of anodization, both terminals are attached to metal plates that create an insulating oxide layer. The capacitance voltage of these capacitors is substantially larger. They go through 5000 hours in a life cycle. Low-frequency signals can also be bypassed or passed by these capacitors.

    Package includes
    This is a pack of 10 pieces of 10 uf 25V Polarized electrolytic capacitor


    • Reduces the noise of the electric circuits.
    • They help in smoothing the ripple in the convertors.
    • They are also used in resonant circuits.
    • Moreover, they can pass or bypass the low-frequency signals.
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    very good product

    Abhishek - Apr 22, 2024
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