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1000KV Brushless Motor 3.17mm Shaft Electric Motor


  1. KV (rpm/volt)  :  1000
  2. Thrust:  900/4
  3. Efficiency:  80%
  4. Efficiency current  :  4-10A (>75%)
  5. Current capacity:  12A/the 60s
  6. Load current at 10v:  0.5A
  7. Working voltage:  7V-12V

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1000KV Brushless Motor 3.17mm Shaft Electric Motor

This brushless outrunner motor was created especially for multirotor and quadcopters. It's a motor with 1000kV. It offers exceptional efficiency, strength, and high performance. As a result, medium-sized quadcopters with 8- to 10-inch propellers are ideal for these motors. Utilize this to construct strong and effective quadcopters. Additionally, power lines, prop adapters, and mounting bolts are included with them.


  • It is very useful for your airplane or helicopter.
  • High quality, easy to install.
  • Type : brushless Out-runner Motor.
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very good product

Abhishek - May 30, 2024
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