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12V 100 rpm heavy duty geared DC motor


  1. Working voltage  :  12v
  2. Shaft diameter  :  6mm
  3. The overall length of the motor  :  8cm
  4. Although motor gives 100 rpm
  5. Motor runs smoothly on 12v
  6. Torque range  :  5kg-cm (approx.)
  7. Stall torque  :  28 kg-cm

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12V 100 rpm heavy duty geared DC motor 

The metal gears have the best wear and tear properties. The gearbox is tightly sealed and lubricated with lithium grease and requires no maintenance. The shaft is built from high resistance steel. The plastic body is strong enough to work with heavy loads. No more than 12V current is required to operate this motor. The torque range for this motor is 5kg per cm approximately.


  1. Heavy motor for better performance
  2. Well functionally lubricated with lithium grease
  3. The plastic body can withstand high room temperature
  4. Working voltage is also very low
  5. High power torque

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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 22, 2024
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