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20 x 4 Jumbo Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD762M5)


  1. Color of display: Green
  2. Color of character: Yellow
  3. Size : 20 x 4 (20 character x 4 rows)
  4. Power supply : +5V
  5. Operating current : 8mA
  6. Board dimensions  :  146mm x 62mm (LxB)
  7. Display dimensions   :   124mm x 43mm (LxB)

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20 x 4 Jumbo Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD762M5)

The 20 x 4 Jumbo Yellow/Green Color LCD Display Module, model number JHD762M5, is an excellent visible interface that combines wide viewing angles, vivid colors, and exceptional clarity. This large module serves as a striking yellow/inexperienced color palette, making it highly visible in a variety of lighting scenarios. It is made to stand out. This LCD display offers a large surface area for displaying important data thanks to its generous 20 x 4 individual arrangement. For packages requiring unique alphanumeric data, such as business manipulation panels, instrumentation, and verbal exchange devices, this makes it incredibly appropriate. The JHD762M5 module performs flawlessly by utilizing the latest advancements in LCD technology. It has a high refresh rate, which ensures smooth animations and updates. Because it works with both text and images, designers and engineers can create visually appealing displays. Because the module supports common communication protocols like I2C and SPI, it interfaces with microcontrollers and embedded systems with ease. Easy integration into a broad range of initiatives and structures is ensured by this. The module is a great option for applications where dependability and effective use of space are crucial due to its built-to-close construction and eco-friendly design.


  • 20 x 4 Character Configuration.
  • Striking Yellow/Green Color Display.
  • Exceptional Visibility in Varied Lighting.
  • Ideal for Alphanumeric Data.
  • High Refresh Rate for Smooth Updates.
  • Supports Text and Graphics.
  • Seamless Integration with Microcontrollers.
  • Robust and Space-Efficient Design.
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very good product

Abhishek - Feb 25, 2024
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