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1N4738A 8.2V 1 watt Zener diode pack of 50pcs


  • Nominal Zener Voltage (VZ): 8.2V
  • Power dissipation (PZ): 1300mW (practically 500mW)
  • Zener regulator current (IZm): 550mA

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1N4738A 8.2V 1 watt Zener diode pack of 50pcs

A Zener diode is one of the different types of diode, used for entirely different purposes than common diodes. They are mainly used in protection circuits or in short crude voltage regulators.  This diode decides (limits) the amount of current that can flow through the Zener diode. Also, This Zener diode is protected from high current. If this resistor is not used the diode will be damaged due to high current.

Package includes

This is the pack of 50 pieces of 1N4738A 8.2V 1 watt Zener diode


  • Used in Voltage protection circuits
  • Used as a low current voltage regulator
  • Input voltage protection for Microcontrollers or other IC’s
  • Voltage stabilizing circuits

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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 15, 2024
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