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2N3055 250 watt High quality audio amplifier board


  1. 100% Best quality tested product
  2. 2N3055 transistors for high loads
  3. Enjoy best quality sound
  4. Upgraded audio amplifier board
  5. Two speaker output
  6. Input supply range :  18-0-18 volt to  24-0-24 volt

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2N3055 250 watt High quality audio amplifier board

This is an upgraded version of previous amplifier boards. This board contains heavy-duty circuits to give you the best experience. It helps you with amplifying the low-quality audio into a high and better quality sound. This board has 2N3055 transistors for heavy loads. The Input voltage for the board is 18-0-18. So, you need to connect a mini transformer and the board is ready to go. The board is fully customized. You won't face any type of difficulty in organizing this board. Please use a good type of speaker for a better experience.


  1. Upgraded version 2N3055 audio amplifier board
  2. 2 speakers output system
  3. Excellent performance

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very good product

Abhishek - May 29, 2023
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