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2N5551 Amplifier NPN transistor pack of 20pcs


  1. Transistor type  :  Amplifier NPN Transistor
  2. High DC Current Gain  :  80
  3. Continuous Collector current  :  600mA
  4. Collector-Emitter voltage  :  160 V
  5. Collector-Base voltage  :  180V
  6. Emitter Base Voltage  :  6V
  7. Transition Frequency  :  100MHz

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2N5551 Amplifier NPN transistor pack of 20pcs

The 2N5551 is a commonly used NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) known for its application in amplifier circuits.  Designed primarily for amplification purposes, the 2N5551 is frequently used in audio amplifier stages, RF amplifiers, and other low to medium-frequency amplification applications. The transistor's current gain (hfe) is specified in the datasheet and varies with different operating conditions. This parameter determines the amplification capability of the transistor. The 2N5551 is capable of handling collector currents ranging from a few milliamperes to several hundred milliamperes. The most voltage that can be implemented across the collector and emitter terminals with out breakdown is designated within the datasheet. This transistor is understood for its low noise characteristics, making it appropriate for programs wherein minimizing digital noise is essential.

Package includes:-
This is a pack of 20 pieces of 2N5551 Amplifier NPN transistor


  • Current amplifiers
  • Small signal boosters
  • Low power amplifiers
  • Also used in audio signal amplifiers
  • Can be used in Darlington pair
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Abhishek - Jul 14, 2024
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