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6 channel AC LED chaser pack of 1pcs


  • Operating voltage: 180V to 220V
  • Each channel is 20 Watt Operating
  • Led chaser circuit with 6 led outputs
  • Variable frequency.
  • Best for making electronic projects.
  • Ideal for making LED projects.
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6 channel AC LED chaser pack of 1pcs

6 channel LED chaser is based on LED flashing, If you want to build a 6 LED Chaser circuit we suggest this circuit first. It uses a popular IC which is simple and affordable IC-4017 decade counter and IC-555. When we power the circuit, LEDs start glowing one by one for a defined time period. Means first LED Q1 glows and then Q2 glows and Q1 turned OFF and then Q3 glows and Q2 turned OFF and so on. When we change the resistance of the variable resistor then the speed of LEDs increases. Because the frequency of the 555 timer increases and this increases frequency signal is directly connected to the counter's trigger pin. So that counter changes its state faster.

Package includes:-

This is the pack of a single piece of 6 channel AC LED chaser with adjustable speed


  1. High-quality product
  2. Easy to use
  3. Works on alternating current (AC)

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very good product

Abhishek - Nov 29, 2023
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