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BA159 1.3A 1000V Inverse voltage diode pack of 50pcs

  1. Fast switching for high efficiency,
  2. Low forward voltage drop,
  3. Low leakage current,
  4. High forward surge capability,
  5. Max. repetitive peak reverse voltage : 1000V
  6. Max. RMS voltage : 700V
  7. Max. DC blocking voltage : 1000v
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MRP Rs. 56.35
Rs. 49.00 (Incl. Tax)
Rs. 41.53 (+18% GST extra)
Rs.41.53 / 50 pcs = Rs.0.83 per piece
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BA159 1.3A 1000V Inverse voltage diode pack of 50pcs

BA159 DIODE  can be used in fast switching rectification of power supply such as inverters, converters, and freewheeling diodes for consumers and telecommunication. Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode is a semiconductor device, in other words, it possesses a short reverse recovery time for rectification purposes at high frequency. A quick recovery time is crucial because it helps in the rectification of high-frequency AC signals. Diodes are used in rectifiers because they possess ultra-high switching speeds.
Package includes
This is the pack of 50 pieces of BA159 1.3A 1000V Inverse voltage diode
  1. Over-voltage protection
  2. Radio demodulation
  3. Power conversion
  4. Current steering
  5. Waveform clipper
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very good product

Abhishek - Mar 24, 2023
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