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Combo of 100 watt 4440 IC based audio amplifier board with bluetooth module and remote


  1. 100% Best quality tested product
  2. Enjoy best quality sound
  3. 4440 is a two channel audio power amplifier board
  4. Working voltage  :   12V DC
  5. Parts can be easily replace.
  6. High Power up to 100 Watt output
  7. Power rating  :  3amp
  8. Bluetooth module with remote
  9. Also 3 potentiometer of 2 x 47K and 1 x 100K

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Combo of 100-watt 4440 IC-based audio amplifier board with Bluetooth module and remote

This is a dual-channel audio amplifier circuit board. This board can be used for stereo and bridge amplification purposes. This Board contains a bridge rectifier. So, you only need to connect a 12V transformer for the power supply and the board is ready to go. The board comes with a pre-integrated volume, treble, and bass controller.  Also, the Bluetooth module comes with FM, MP3, Bluetooth, USB, aux, and memory card slots for easy access. Moreover, a remote (Assorted) also comes with this combo. The remote works very well with the module at minimum distance. The best part about the kit is that it is made of individual components, which means anything goes wrong it can be easily serviced and components can be replaced. This amplifier kit can be used in any audio amplifier system, including FM, MP3-USB player, CD/DVD, DTH, Tape, Car stereo, TV etc.


  1. 4440 is atwo-channell audio power amplifier board
  2. This board only requires 12VDCt to work
  3. Parts canbe easily replacede.
  4. High Power up to 100 Watt output
  5. A remote ( Assorted) has also come with this module for easy handling

( Not: This kit is not for novice electronicshobbyistst. Proper knowledge about the subject is required to understand and make the complete project. We do not hold any responsible for any issues or help either due to negligence, ignorance,e or lack of proper knowledge about the subject.)

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very good product

Abhishek - Oct 04, 2023
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