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D882 Medium power NPN transistor pack of 20pcs


  1. Transistor type  :  D882 Medium power NPN transistor
  2. Max Collector Current  :  3A
  3. Max Collector-Emitter Voltage  :  30V
  4. Max Collector-Base Voltage  :  40V
  5. Max Emitter-Base Voltage  :  5V
  6. Max Collector Dissipation  :  10 Watts

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D882 Medium power NPN transistor pack of 20pcs

The D882 is an NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) designed for medium power amplification and switching applications. The D882 is an NPN (Negative-Positive-Negative) transistor, which means it operates with a negative voltage applied to the collector relative to the emitter. With a moderate gain (hfe), the D882 is suitable for amplifying signals in electronic circuits, making it applicable in audio amplifier stages. It has moderate switching speeds, making it suitable for switching applications in electronic circuits. This makes it versatile for various applications where amplification and switching are required. The D882 can handle a collector current (IC) in the range of several hundred milliamperes to a few amperes, depending on the specific variant. The most voltage throughout the collector and emitter terminals (VCE) is designated in the datasheet. It is essential to operate the transistor inside this voltage variety. Refer to the datasheet for comprehensive electrical characteristics, pinout information, and advocated working conditions. The D882 is a widely used NPN transistor known for its versatility and reliability in both amplification and switching applications. As with any electronic component, it's crucial to consult the datasheet for specific details and operating conditions.

Package includes

This is a pack of 20 pieces of D882 Medium power NPN transistor


  • Audio Amplifier
  • Relay Driver
  • Switching Loads
  • Darlington Pair
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Abhishek - May 25, 2024
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