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NRF24L01 antenna V5.0 + PA + LNA SMA wireless Module 8 Pin 1100 meters


  1. Input supply voltage: 3V
  2. Working current: 15mA
  3. Maximum output power: +20 dBm
  4. Power down mode current: 4.2 μA
  5. Operating range: 1Km

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8-pin SMA wireless module with NRF24L01 antenna V5.0 + PA + LNA, 1100 metres

The NRF24L01 Antenna V5.Zero modules, proposing PA (Power Amplifier) and LNA (Low-Noise Amplifier), are designed for sturdy Wi-Fi conversation. Equipped with an SMA connector, it offers a prolonged sign range, attaining distances of as much as 1100 meters. This module is ideal for programs requiring long-range Wi-Fi connectivity, inclusive of far-flung management, statistics transmission, and sensor networks, enhancing the reliability and attainment of your Wi-Fi initiatives.


  • SMA Connector: Equipped with an SMA interface for versatile external antenna connections.
  • Extended Range: With PA and LNA, this module achieves a remarkable wireless range of up to 1100 meters.
  • Robust Communication: Ensures reliable data transmission in challenging environments.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for remote control, sensor networks, and long-range wireless projects.
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very good product

Abhishek - Apr 14, 2024
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