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NRF24L01 antenna V5.0 + PA + LNA SMA wireless Module 8 Pin 1100 meters


  1. Input supply voltage: 3V
  2. Working current: 15mA
  3. Maximum output power: +20 dBm
  4. Power down mode current: 4.2 μA
  5. Operating range: 1Km

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NRF24L01 antenna V5.0 + PA + LNA SMA wireless Module 8 Pin 1100 meters

NRF24L01 with PA and LNA is compatible with NRF24L01+(NRF24L01P), and there has the same interface. These are adding a power amplifier(PA) circuit and a Low Noise Amplifier(LNA) circuit, which could transmit longer distances and more stable performance for industry standards. Increased PA and LNA, RF switch, bandpass filter, formed a professional full two-way RF power amplifier, making effective communication for greatly increased. The transmission distance to reach 1000 meters with 2DB Antenna at 250kbps data rate on an open area.


  1. Worldwide 2.4GHz ISM band operation.
  2. 126 RF channels.
  3. High air data rate: 250kbps, 1, and 2Mbps.
  4. Transmitter: 11.3mA at 0dBm output power.
  5. Receiver: Fast AGC for improved dynamic range.
  6. Receiver: Integrated channel filters.
  7. Host Interface:4-pin hardware SPI,3 separate 32 bytes TX and RX FIFOs.
  8. Low Power Management:1.9 to 3.6V supply range.

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very good product

Abhishek - Jun 10, 2023
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